We really don't know what we want in regards to our wedding cake.  We have booked with Mary Elliott and are SO excited because we've heard wonderful things about her.  However, we've had to move our cake tasting a few times due to scheduling conflicts and the snow, and Mr. SweetCFly being away on business almost all of March.  

We know we want something relatively simple, 2-3 tiers.  We most likely would like our monogram on the top or middle tier of the cake.  I love the idea of flowers on the cake, my mother keeps telling me this is "dumb and out of style."  What does she know?  

A good friend of the family is an artist with cakes and cupcakes, but we wanted her to be a guest at our wedding which is why we opted not to stress her with baking our main wedding cake.  But I would like to have her make Mr. SweetCFly's Ravens-themed groom's cake, to be cut and served at the wedding reception right after we cut our main wedding cake.  I am also going to have her make my mom a big cupcake with a candle in it, because we are getting married on my mom's birthday.  We can arrange for the band to play "Happy Birthday" and everyone can sing to her and she can blow out her candle.  My mom is such a ham, so she'll love it.  

My mom and aunts are planning to bake sugar cookies using my great great aunt's recipe, to be served at a "cookie buffet.
Aunt Maddie's sugar cookies are very thin like these... thinking of displaying them on platters or dishes set at varying heights, with goodie bags to put the cookies in.

We're sort of unsure of whether we'd use a round cake design or square cake design, and actually are thinking of combining: some tiers square, some round.  I love the little icing dots.  If we go with flowers we'd either go with the peonies or orchids, or a combo of both.  
Round cake, with white peonies
Square cake, with pink orchids